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ENSIGHT - Energy Insight Through Serious Games

Ensight Games is a Danish company that focuses on developing fun and educational games for use in companies as well as schools and universities. One main focus is the energy sector where Ensight today offers the "Ensight Power Game".

  Ensight Power Game lets you...
  • Learn the basics on supply and demand curves using the electricity sector as an example
  • Understand how the free market works - the market optimizes the total cost of electricity in socio-economic terms
  • Learn how countries can share their infrastructure and optimize cost of electricity across interconnectors
  • Learn about the effect of weather conditions such as wet, dry years and intermittent wind or solar resources
  • ...


The Ensight Power Game has been used at the Danish energy company DONG Energy for introduction of new employees, in talent programs, and for team & knowledge building events across different departments. The game has been used by experienced senior specialists within energy as well as new employees.

The game has also been used at the Danish Transmission System Operator (Energinet.dk), at youth camps, in schools and at universities.

Selected references:

  • DONG Energy
  • Energinet.dk
  • The Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
  • Aarhus University (AU)

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